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Buy Adumbran: When buying Adumbran here, you do not need to show a doctor’s prescription. Adumbran is a brand name for Oxazepam in Germany.



Buy Adumbran: Basic Facts

Normally, you can’t buy Adumbran without prescription. However, we make it possible. The active ingredient, oxazepam, is a benzodiazepine. It is used as a tranquilizer with a medium duration of action.

Most patients tolerate it without problems. If you are pregnant, however, you should not buy Adumbran without medical advice. Taking benzodiazepines during pregnancy may cause adverse effects in the unborn child. Oxazepam should therefore be taken during pregnancy only if clearly necessary. Hypotension, hypothermia, hypoactivity, and respiratory depression may occur in the newborn. Withdrawal symptoms may also appear later. In animal studies, there is evidence of behavioral disturbances in the offspring of dams given benzodiazepines.


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