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Here you can order buprenorphine without a prescription. We recommend Subutex Sublingual from the distribution of Reckitt Benckiser (Switzerland). This drug is a highly potent opioid (level 3 on the WHO scale for painkillers). It is taken only for very severe pain. Caution: it is quickly addictive and very dangerous if taken in too high a dosage.



Order Buprenorphine: Basic Facts

Buprenorphine has proven its worth in the therapy of chronic pain conditions. The transdermal form of administration by means of pain patches is indicated in cases of concomitant dysphagia or failure to ensure regular intake and enables the active ingredient to be released evenly over a period of up to seven days. For the treatment of acute severe pain as well as for the treatment of breakthrough pain, additional fast-acting dosage forms are available, such as the sublingual tablets offered here. Intravenous administration is indicated mainly for postoperative pain, in palliative care for unstable pain and high opioid consumption in the form of patient-controlled pain management. Because of the high risks to patients, we do not offer the injectable preparations.
In fact, most people who order buprenorphine are chronic pain patients.


Here, you can not only order Buprenorphine (which can also be found by searching for the keywords buy Subutex and order Subutex), but also many other medicines for pain. The selection here is only a glimpse of what is available. If you cannot find what you need, please click on the link below, where you will find more.



Here there is more pain medication available without a prescription. For example, Tilidine can also be purchased without a prescription.

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