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What you should know when you purchase Modafinil without prescription

When you buy Modafinil without prescription, you have chosen a quality product.

The official area of application for the drug is narcolepsy, also known as sleeping sickness. In narcolepsy, sufferers suffer from sudden attacks of sleep during the day that are almost impossible to control. The drug helps to reduce fatigue and the number of sleep attacks.

Because of its stimulant effect, modafinil is also misused as a “cognitive enhancer.” Colloquially, the term “brain doping” has been coined for this. Healthy people take the drug in the expectation of increasing their mental performance and overcoming everyday states of fatigue. These properties apparently make the drug less interesting for the party scene and more for the working world. “Brain doping” is not a mass phenomenon, but it is apparently gaining in popularity.

You should only order Modafinil without prescription if there is a medical reason for it.


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