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Tilidine is an analgesic drug from the opioid group. The synthetically produced substance is used for the treatment of severe pain. As a prodrug, tilidine itself has hardly any analgesic effect. It is first metabolized in the liver to the metabolites nortilidine and bisnortilidine, of which nortilidine has the main effect.

To prevent misuse as an intoxicant, tilidine is usually combined in a fixed form with the drug naloxone in finished medicines. The combination of tilidine and naloxone is intended to reduce the potential for abuse while retaining the analgesic effect. Naloxone has a negligible effect after oral administration of therapeutic doses, but cancels the effect of tilidine after high oral doses or intravenous administration. For the treatment of chronic pain, tilidine is classified as a level 2 analgesic according to the WHO staging scheme.

Please be aware of the risks of addiction when you buy Tilidine.


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