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Side Effects

When you buy steroids online, you need to know the side effects:

Androgens and anabolic steroids act on the sebaceous glands of the skin, influencing their development and activity. Among other things, they also promote the development of acne. Reduced excretion of sodium causes increased water retention in the tissues and thus leads to an increase in body weight.

When anabolic steroids are used, the concentration of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) in the blood plasma is reduced, while low-density lipoproteins (LDL) increase. This increases the ratio of LDL to HDL, which is considered a risk factor for the development of arteriosclerosis and even myocardial infarction. Further studies have pointed to possible changes in factors of blood coagulation, the vascular system and damage to the cardiac muscle cell, which may increase the risk of thrombosis in steroid users compared to non-users.

In animal experiments on mice, researchers demonstrated significant changes in the heart muscle caused by anabolic steroids. This led to hyperthrophy of the heart muscle cell, although improved capillarization for the necessary oxygen supply did not occur. During peak athletic performance, an undersupply of oxygen to the heart muscle could thus occur and lead to damage.

If anabolic steroids are used over a long period of time, irreversible liver damage can be triggered. In this context, 17-methylated steroids such as methyltestosterone or stanozolol are said to have a more toxic effect on liver cells than non-methylated steroids such as testosterone. Consequently, today testosterone compounds are preferred for therapeutic purposes instead of 17-methylated steroids.

Anabolic steroid use over a long period of time can lead to abnormal enlargement of the breast in men (gynecomastia). It is assumed that aromatizable anabolic steroids are metabolized to estrogens in the metabolism, which trigger this effect.

Side effects on women and children

All anabolic steroids cause virilization in women due to androgenic effects, which are manifested in changes in voice (irreversible), hair pattern, menstrual cycle disorders, and clitoral hyperthrophy (irreversible).

Anabolic steroids can affect length growth in adolescents by causing premature closure of epiphyseal joints to shorten the growth phase.


Post Cycle Therapy

If you buy steroids, you’ll need other medications to get off them later. If you don’t take care of this, there can be problems. Above all, the production of the body’s own hormones must be reactivated. In most cases, it is quite sufficient to take clomiphene for this purpose. If you wish, you can buy clomiphene from us without a prescription. If you are looking for such products, you will find a good selection here:


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