Somnubene Without Prescription

In our shop you can now also get Somnubene without prescription. This benzodiazepine is often used as a sleeping pill. A product that contains the same active ingredient is Rohypnol. This medicine requires a prescription in most countries. However, we do not ask you for a prescription when you buy it here.



What you should know when you buy Somnubene without prescription

If you want to purchase Somnubene without prescription, you have chosen a very strong benzodiazepine.

Somnubene contains the active substance flunitrazepam. Even in very low doses, flunitrazepam has a strong mind-blurring effect. It is mainly used to relieve restlessness, anxiety and tension, to promote falling asleep and sleeping through the night, and for sedation. In elderly patients, the excretion of flunitrazepam may be prolonged, which increases the effect. They may also be more sensitive to its use, especially if they have heart disease with severe respiratory distress. Therefore, in elderly patients and patients in poorer general condition, with brain-organic changes, circulatory weakness and pathological respiratory problems, the doctor should check the individual reaction to the active substance.

Taking benzodiazepines such as Somnubene can lead to dependence with withdrawal symptoms. Dependence can develop even with daily use over a few weeks. This applies not only to the abusive use of particularly high doses, but also to the usual dose range during treatment.

You should only buy Somnubene without prescription if there is a medical reason for it.


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