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Here you can buy buprenorphine without a prescription. We recommend Subutex Sublingual from the distribution of Reckitt Benckiser (Switzerland). This drug is a highly potent opioid (level 3 on the WHO scale for painkillers). It is taken only for very severe pain. Caution: it is quickly addictive and very dangerous if taken in too high a dosage.



Buy Buprenorphine: Basic Facts

When you buy buprenorphine, you have chosen a highly potent painkiller. It is known to act as a partial agonist at µopioid and κopioid receptors and a very potent antagonist at the κopioid receptor. Like other opioids, buprenorphine has analgesic and cough-irritant effects, but also respiratory depressant, emetic and obstipating effects. Its analgesic potency is about 20 to 70 times that of morphine.

A so-called ceiling effect (saturation effect) for respiratory depression has been demonstrated in healthy volunteers. Increasing the dose does little to increase the risk of respiratory depression. For those with prior opioid experience but without dependence, a dosage of 32 mg per day has shown to reduce respiratory depression to four breaths per minute. Analgesically comparable doses of morphine (530 mg intramuscularly) or methadone (1060 mg orally) would be fatal due to the severe respiratory depression caused by these substances. Compared to other opioids, buprenorphine is considered safer in overdose, especially after opioid withdrawal is complete.



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