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This is what you should know when you buy Liquid Ecstasy

If you want to buy Liquid Ecstasy, you should find out about its effects and side effects in advance.

Liquid Ecstasy is the substance GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid). It is mainly used in liquid form. Mixed or diluted with (alcoholic) beverages, it is sometimes not consciously taken. GHB is chemically closely related to GBL (gamma-butyrolactone), which is mainly used in the chemical industry as a solvent and cleaning agent (rim cleaner, nail polish remover).

Low dosages result in euphoria, disinhibition, urge to talk, sexual stimulation and relaxation. Higher doses result in sedation and slowing of breathing. GHB has a narcotic effect. Overdoses may cause nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, and shortness of breath. Unconsciousness, sudden narcotic sleep, or deep coma are possible at higher doses. Overdoses can be life-threatening and fatal due to cardiovascular or respiratory arrest. The additional/simultaneous consumption of other drugs, e.g. cocaine, ecstasy, but also alcohol and medications is dangerous. GHB is rapidly absorbed when swallowed/drunk and is broken down relatively quickly in the human body. Detection is only possible within a short period of time – a few hours in blood and urine after ingestion are assumed.

You should only buy Liquid Ecstasy if there is no medical contraindication for it.


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If you buy GHB or GBL, please remember that you may use it only on yourself, not on other people who do not know about it. We clearly point this out, because often customers do not realize that they are buying a product that is also a notorious date rape drug. Only a few milliliters are needed for a high.


Warning: people who buy Liquid Ecstasy (GHB or GBL) in order to administer it as a date rape drug to other people without their consent are liable to prosecution.


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