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Buy testosterone propionate from the comfort of your home in our store. This substance is a testosterone derivative and thus an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS).



What you should know when you buy testosterone propionate

When you buy Testosterone Propionate, you have chosen a quality product.

The steroid is dissolved in oil and is administered intramuscularly. Bioavailability is high with intramuscular administration, but low with oral administration due to the first-pass effect. The active ingredient is metabolized by hepatocytes to inactive metabolites. Intramuscular injection results in depot formation in the muscles and continuous release of the testosterone ester. Since testosterone propionate is rapidly hydrolyzed in the body to testosterone and propionic acid, it is one of the preparations with a short half-life. It acts on various tissues, especially muscles, CNS, bones, skin, liver and sex glands. The virilizing effect is mediated via androgen receptors.

You should only buy Testosterone Propionate if you have the opportunity to have its use medically monitored.


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