Efedrin Arsan

If you wanted to buy Efedrin Arsan, we would like to present you some good alternatives. The original drug from the Turkish pharmaceutical company Husnu Arsan Ilaclari AS is no longer produced, but there are many similar preparations from other manufacturers.



What you should know if you wanted to purchase Efedrin Arsan

Efedrin Arsan was one of the most popular ephedrine products in Europe for a long time because of its relatively high ephedrine content of 50 mg. It was manufactured by Husnu Arsan, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Turkey. However, there were rumors in the bodybuilding community that this product was underdosed. Compared to other 50 mg ephedrine tablets, the effect was said to be noticeably weaker. However, this claim comes only from anectotic reports, as chemical analyses are not available. At some point, the Turkish company stopped the production of this drug. There was no official statement of reasons for this. Those who used to use Efedrin Arsan now have to choose an alternative. Fortunately, there are many other manufacturers that produce drugs with the active ingredient ephedrine.

Similar drugs

If you wanted to buy Efedrin Arsan, you can order many other medications with the active ingredient ephedrine from us as an alternative by simply clicking on “Buy Ephedrine“. If you are looking for a means of weight control, you can, for example, request Xenical without a prescription, order Benzphetamine or buy Qsymia. People who are interested in Ephedrine for athletic reasons often also want to buy Testoserone or order Dianabol.


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