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Testosterone boosters can help increase the amount of testosterone in the body. Among the means that are suitable for this purpose are, for example, zinc, vitamin D or the earth-root thorn (tribulus terrestris). In this way, one can improve the endogenous release of the hormone. When these possibilities are exhausted, many athletes have the desire to resort to other aids. We offer a range of preparations that are precisely tailored to the needs of athletes. If you want to see all anabolic steroids, click on the link at the bottom. Here you can already see the means from the category “Testosterone”:



What you should know when you use testosterone boosters

When using testosterone boosters, you need to be aware of the side effects. These are usually well manageable in men, but in most cases they are much stronger in women. Nevertheless, there are some areas of medicine where testosterone is used in women. For example, a 2017 meta-analysis found that short-term transdermal testosterone therapies effectively improve several areas of sexual function. Androgenic adverse effects such as acne and hirsutism occurred quite frequently. In contrast, there were no significant differences in “increase in facial hair, alopecia, deepening of voice, urinary symptoms, chest pain, headache, patch site reaction, total adverse events, serious adverse events, reasons for study discontinuation, and number of women who completed the study.”


Similar drugs

You will find a number of other anabolic steroids in our store. Among them are such well-known preparations as Dianabol or Trenbolone of excellent quality. If you want to see them all, just click on the link at the bottom. Here you can see a small selection of drugs that you can buy from us:



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