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What you should know when you buy Ephedrine

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Ephedrine has a stimulating effect and occurs naturally in plants of the genus Ephedra. Isolated or synthetically produced, ephedrine is used for a variety of medicinal purposes due to their sympathomimetic effects. In the past, for example, they were commonly used to treat the symptoms of bronchial asthma, to decongest the nasal mucous membranes in rhinitis, and in ophthalmology as a substitute for atropine. However, the benefit/risk ratio is considered unfavorable, which is why the substance is hardly ever used for this purpose anymore. Ephedrine is still occasionally used today to treat hypotension and the sleep disorder narcolepsy. Since it is suitable as a precursor for the production of methamphetamine, its distribution has been strictly regulated in almost all countries.

Ephedrine releases norepinephrine, leading to an increase in adrenergic transmission. It can cross the blood-brain barrier, but not as efficiently as amphetamine or methamphetamine. The common dose is 25 to 50 mg. Doses above 50 mg can lead to unpleasant side effects. Plasma half-life is approximately three to six hours. Ephedrine decreases the rate of protein degradation and probably also increases protein biosynthesis. The increased body temperature results in a slight increase in resting energy requirements in the body. A euphoric and aphrodisiac effect is also possible, but this is often associated with erectile difficulties. An increase in physical performance could not be proven in studies for the sole intake of ephedrine, but some publications describe an increase in performance when ephedrine is combined with caffeine.

In overdose, side effects are varied: restlessness, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, tremors, rapid pulse, sweating, difficulty breathing, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, headache, and rarely convulsions.

You should only buy ephedrine if there is a medical reason for doing so.

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