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Buy Ritalin without prescription in our store. We sell without a prescription exactly those products that can also be found in pharmacies, where you always need a prescription for this drug. The active ingredient methylphenidate is often used for ADHD, more rarely for narcolepsy. It improves concentration, keeps you awake and suppresses hyperactivity in ADHD.



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Ritalin contains the active ingredient methylphenidate. It is indicated as part of an overall therapeutic strategy for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children six years of age and older and adolescents when other therapeutic measures have proven inadequate. Diagnosis must not be based solely on the presence of symptoms, but must be based on a complete history and examination of the patient using the guidelines. A behavioral health specialist must oversee treatment.

The area of use was restricted throughout Europe in June 2006 in implementation of a decision by the EU Commission following a European risk assessment procedure. A multimodal form of therapy is regularly indicated for ADHD requiring treatment. Treatment with methylphenidate exclusively by medication is usually insufficient and must be regarded as inappropriate. In May 2022, a long-term study shows an increased risk of depressive disorders in children who have been treated with methylphenidate for a longer period of time.

You should only buy Ritalin if there is a medical reason for it.


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