Liquid GBL

You can get liquid GBL effortlessly and safely in our store. GBL is an industrial solvent that is suitable, among other things, for cleaning heavily soiled metallic surfaces. However, there are also people who purchase liquid GBL only because it is suitable as a substitute for the drug GHB (liquid ecstasy) or because it can be used as a chemical precursor for its production. We do not advise this. If you get liquid GBL, you must use it only for legitimate purposes.



What you should know when you get liquid GBL

When you purchase liquid GBL, you have chosen a quality product.

GBL is the abbreviation for gamma-butyrolactone. It is a clear, colorless liquid and is used as a solvent and cleaning agent, for example, to remove nail polish and graffiti. It is rapidly converted to GHB in the body. The psychoactive effect is therefore identical to that of GHB. However, the consumption of both substances is associated with significant health risks. Unlike GHB, gamma-butyrolactone is not subject to the Narcotics Act. It is classified as a “drug of concern” when the pharmacological effect is the main concern. The chemical industry monitors the trade and distribution of this substance as part of a voluntary self-regulation scheme.

You should only buy liquid GBL if you are going to use it for legitimate purposes.


Alternative drugs

With us, you can not only buy liquid GBL. You may just as easily order GHB, for example. If you buy such a substance, please remember that you may use it only on yourself, not on other people who do not know about it. We clearly point this out, because often customers do not realize that they are buying a product that is also a notorious date rape drug.



Warning: people who buy Liquid Ecstasy in order to administer it as a date rape drug to other people without their consent are liable to prosecution.

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