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Similar to methylphenidate, it is consumed before exams or work to improve performance. In a placebo-controlled study, partial positive effects on cognitive performance were found at a dosage of 100-200 mg. There was evidence of dependence potential in studies. The long-term effects of modafinil have not been evaluated; however, the U.S. military recommends that its soldiers take Provigil before long missions with high stress levels.

In sports, modafinil is considered a banned doping substance. In the meantime, doping cases have become known. One prominent case is the U.S. track and field athlete and world sprint champion Kelli White. Compared with other neurostimulants (especially amphetamine and its derivatives, but also cocaine), the addictive potential of modafinil is rather low, also because certain addictive mechanisms (such as increased euphoria) occur less frequently when it is taken.

You should only order Modafinil if there is a medical reason for it.


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