Testosterone Side Effects


What you should know about the side effects of testosterone

If you are using testosterone, you should learn about the possible side effects in advance. These are the most common ones:

Side effects of testosterone in women and men

  • Liver and kidney tumors
  • Damage to the heart muscle
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Damage to the cardiovascular system
  • Disturbance of lipid metabolism, blood clotting and the vascular system
  • Precipitations on the vascular walls
  • Increase in cholesterol levels
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Blood clots in the brain/stroke
  • Risk of thrombosis
  • Coarsening of facial features, especially growth of the chin
  • Accelerated skeletal maturation
  • Alteration of thyroid function
  • Increase in subcutaneous fat and water retention in tissues due to aromatization
  • Enlargement of the sebaceous glands of the skin
  • Formation of ordinary acne and steroid acne
  • Change in hair distribution pattern (e.g. main hair loss and increase in body hair)
  • Fluctuations in emotions
  • Decreasing memory and concentration
  • Psychological disorders (e.g. depression)
  • Weakening of the immune system

In women only

  • Menstrual disorders up to the absence of menstruation
  • Malformation of the unborn child in the womb during pregnancy
  • Permanent clitoral hypertrophy that is usually irreversible

In men only

  • Gynecomastia (swelling of the mammary glands in men) due to aromatization
  • Decrease in testicular volume and sperm count (not always completely reversible)

Concomitant medication

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