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If you want to buy Mysimba, you will either need a prescription, or you can order it without a prescription from our online store. The tablets contain the active ingredient bupropion, which is related to amfepramone, and the opioid antagonist naltrexone. With both substances, the reduction of appetite is a known side effect. In combination, the side effect becomes the main effect. In clinical studies, subjects were able to reduce their body weight by 5% to 9.3% with Mysimba. The drug is approved in Germany from a BMI of ≥ 27 kg/m².


What you should know when you buy Mysimba

When you buy Mysimba, you have chosen a quality product.

Mysimba® are sustained-release tablets, each containing the combination of 8 mg naltrexone hydrochloride and 90 mg bupropion hydrochloride. According to the package insert, the dose should be gradually increased from initially one tablet daily over 4 weeks to the maintenance dose of two tablets twice daily. Subsequently, the use of Mysimba® is designed for long-term continuous use.

One of the two active ingredients in the combination preparation is bupropion, which belongs to the group of amphetamines and increases the concentration of norepinephrine in the synapses of the brain; additional effects on dopamine metabolism are disputed. As a single substance, bupropion has so far been used for smoking cessation and the treatment of severe depression. After initial approval in the United States in 1984, bupropion was withdrawn from the market two years later because of the risk of fatal seizures. It was then reintroduced to the market in 1989 in lower doses. Known risks of bupropion use include increased suicidality and increased depression. Among the most common side effects of bupropion – in addition to anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus, abdominal pain, skin rash, fever, general weakness, and increases in blood pressure – is a decrease in appetite.

The second active ingredient in the Mysimba® combination is naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist used in opiate and alcohol withdrawal. Despite its widespread use in psychiatry, the efficacy of naltrexone in opiate withdrawal is still questionable. As with bupropion, appetite reduction is a known side effect of naltrexone – along with other common side effects such as sleep and affect disturbances, palpitations, cardiac arrhythmias, chest pain, joint pain, headache, impotence, generalized weakness, chills, and skin rashes.

You should only buy Mysimba if there ist a medical reason for it.


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