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You can order testosterone gel without prescription in our store. We recommend Dr. Klade’s Testogel to our customers, because the feedback for this product is always very positive. Testogel is applied to the skin in case of testosterone deficiency. This testosterone gel is usually well tolerated.



What you should know when you buy testosterone gel

When you buy testosterone gel, you have chosen a quality product.

The most proven remedies for testosterone deficiency are gels and injections. Both forms of application have different advantages. Testosterone gel is applied to the skin once a day. Injections are administered at intervals by the doctor. Testosterone gel is applied once a day, usually in the morning, to the upper arms, shoulders or abdomen. The hormone is then released evenly into the blood through the skin for 24 hours. Application is uncomplicated and discreet: the product dries quickly and leaves no residue. After consultation with the doctor, the amount applied can be adjusted or the treatment interrupted at any time. A stable testosterone level is achieved as early as the second day, which, with regular use, is maintained over a longer period of application.

In addition to an improvement in general well-being, the build-up of muscles, the reduction of abdominal fat and the formation of new blood are supported. An increase in libido as well as sexual activity has also been observed.

When you buy a testosterone gel, there should always be a medical reason for it.


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