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Here you can order Halcion without a doctor’s prescription. This drug contains the active ingredient triazolam, which is often used as a sleeping pill. However, if you order Halcion, you should use it rarely and not for a long time or abuse it as a drug, because it is easy to get addicted to it.



What you should know when you order Halcion

When you order Halcion, you have chosen a quality product.

Halcion contains the active ingredient triazolam. This is used in particular for the short-term treatment of clinically significant sleep disorders. These can be caused by anxiety, tension, agitation or inner restlessness. The drug serves the purpose of facilitating falling asleep and staying asleep. Older patients may have prolonged excretion of triazolam, which increases its effect. They may also be more sensitive to its use, especially if they have heart disease with severe respiratory distress. Therefore, in elderly patients and patients in poorer general condition, with brain organic changes (dementia), circulatory weakness and pathological respiratory problems, the doctor should monitor the individual response to the active substance. Do not use Halcion during pregnancy and lactation. It reaches the unborn child via the placenta. It can accumulate there, which can lead to overdoses in the child resulting in malformations and mental impairment.

You should only order Halcion if there is a medical reason for it.


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