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Lorazepam is administered for:

  • treatment of restlessness disorders (especially panic attacks)
  • short-term treatment of sleep disorders, especially if they are associated with severe restlessness (of psychological or physical origin)
  • treatment of symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal and opioid withdrawal
  • long-term treatment of otherwise resistant forms of epilepsy as well as general acute treatment
  • intensive therapy of status epilepticus
  • intensive therapy of catatonic states alone/or with neuroleptics
  • treatment of acute delirium, sometimes together with neuroleptics
  • supportive therapy for malaise/vomiting, often associated with cancer chemotherapy, usually together with first-line antiemetics
  • supportive therapy for nausea with regular vomiting and as a premedication
  • facilitation of uncomfortable procedures such as endoscopy and oral surgery
  • increasing the effect of the main anesthetic drug
  • achieving anterograde amnesia for the period of a medical procedure
  • supportive treatment of neuropathic pain or other severe pain conditions
  • treatment of the rare stiff-man syndrome (in combination with an immunosuppressive drug)

You should only order lorazepam if there is a medical reason for it.


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