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What you should know when you buy testosterone

When you buy testosterone, you have chosen a quality product.

Testosterone causes the development of the male phenotype, is partly responsible for growth (especially the build-up of muscle mass and fat storage) and ensures sperm production. In addition, it causes the development of the penis, scrotum and secondary sexual characteristics in male individuals during puberty and ensures the maintenance of these characteristics in adults. Outside the sex organs, the hormone promotes the growth of body hair and beard hair (but not head hair) and has an anabolic effect. Furthermore, it enhances the formation of cartilage and new bone, similar to thyroxine. High testosterone levels promote sexual desire (libido) and generally drive, stamina, and dominant or aggressive behavior. Finally, testosterone action results in an increase in red blood cells.

The supply of artificially produced testosterone to women can lead to masculinization (voice, musculature, facial features, hair) and enlargement of the clitoris, which often does not completely disappear after discontinuation (depending on duration, dose level and individual predisposition).

You should only buy testosterone if you have the possibility to have its use medically monitored.


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