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Here you can order tetrazepam with no prescription. This is a benzodiazepine that works well against increased muscle tension. We recommend Myolastan from Sanofi Aventis.



What you should know when you order Tetrazepam

When you order tetrazepam, you need to take into account that it is actually no longer approved in the EU. So any products offered here are imported from outside.

Launched in France in 1967, tetrazepam has only been introduced in a few European countries, including Germany and Austria, but not in the UK. Tetrazepam was also not on the market in the USA. The active ingredient can lead to dependence after only a short period of use. When therapy is discontinued, the dose should be reduced slowly, otherwise severe withdrawal syndromes may occur, both psychologically and physically. If the drug is abruptly discontinued, this may lead to increased dreaming after 2-4 days of insomnia. In addition, anxiety, states of tension or depression may return with increased intensity.

You should only order tetrazepam if there is a medical reason for it.


Similar drugs

You can order not only tetrazepam from us. We also have many other products in stock. For example, you can buy Diazepam or order Rohypnol without prescription. If you want to order another active ingredient, we have a number of other benzodiazepines. To see them all, click on the link at the bottom. Here you can see a small selection of the products that you can buy from us as an alternative to Tetrazepam:


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