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If you want to buy Regenon, you either need a prescription, or you order it without a prescription in our online store. The capsules contain the active ingredient amfepramone, which is related to ephedrine and is suitable as a weight loss aid. When you buy Regenon, you get a quality product.


What you should know when you buy Regenon

When you buy Regenon, you have chosen a quality product.

This drug contains the active ingredient amfepramone, which is used in Germany for the short-term treatment of obesity. It is available in the form of capsules. It is used therapeutically as a central nervous anorectic and is completely different from the more commonly prescribed orlistat in terms of its pharmacodynamics. Amfepramone, like many low-potency phenethylamine derivatives, has significant abuse and dependence potential when used with other stimulants.

You should only buy Regenon if there ist a medical reason for it.


Similar drugs

If Regenon is not suitable for you, you can buy other weight control medications from us. These include, for example, the drug Xenical, which is recommended in the German S3 guideline on “Prevention and Therapy of Obesity”:


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