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You can buy Primobolan in our store without prescription and at a low price. Of course, we offer you this base steroid only from the best manufacturer. It is very suitable for combination with other anabolic steroids such as Sustanon. A combination with the oral steroid Dianabol is also very effective.



What you should know when you buy Primobolan

When you buy Primobolan, you have chosen a quality product.

Primobolan contains the active ingredient methenolone, an organic chemical compound from the steroid group. It exhibits low androgenic but potent anabolic effects. Primobolan Depot is injected intramuscularly. The plasma half-life is approximately one day. Elimination is half in urine and half in stool. The androgenic effect is functionally equivalent to that of dihydrotestosterone. Side effects include prostate growth, scalp hair loss, hair growth on the body, acne, and in women, masculinization due to clitoral growth, beard growth, and voice deepening. Primobolan is manufactured by Schering AG in Germany and Mexico. Its use is widespread among bodybuilders.

You should only buy Primobolan if you have the possibility to have its use medically monitored.


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If you buy Primobolan, you have chosen a very good preparation for the structure, which also hardly changes the liver values. If you want to buy it, you can do it with us without any problems, because here you will get only the best products. But apart from this preparation, you can also request a number of other anabolic steroids from us or buy EPO, for example. To see all the products you can buy from us apart from Primobolan, click on the link at the very bottom.



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