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If you want to buy Qsymia, you either need contacts in the USA, or you order it without a prescription in our online store. The capsules contain two active ingredients: phentermine and topiramate. With both of them, the reduction of appetite is a known effect. Thus, in combination, the benefits of both substances can be used to lose weight. The product offered here is imported by us.



What you should know when you buy Qsymia

When you buy Qsymia, you have chosen a quality product.

The preparation from the manufacturer Vivus Pharmaceuticals is to be used in adults whose body mass index (BMI) is above 30. In patients with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol, Qsymia is indicated from a BMI of 27. In two pivotal studies, 3700 obese patients with and without pre-existing obesity-related diseases were studied. All patients had also been prescribed a calorie-reduced diet and regular physical activity.

After one year of treatment with Qsymia, patients had an average weight loss of 6.7 percent in those without pre-existing conditions and 8.9 percent in those with pre-existing conditions. About 62 and 69 percent of patients lost 5 percent of their body weight, respectively. This compares with 20 percent of the study participants in the placebo group. Patients who are unable to reduce their weight below five percent within the first twelve weeks at the highest dose should discontinue therapy.

You should only buy Qsymia if there ist a medical reason for it.


Similar drugs

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