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Can you lose weight with the fat burner ephedrine?

If you want to lose weight with the fat burner ephedrine, you can choose from several products.

Ephedrine-containing drugs are actually subject to pharmacy and prescription, but you can get them here without a prescription. Ephedrine is forbidden for bodybuilding or other fitness training, as it is considered a doping agent. Substances containing ephedrine are offered in tablet and liquid form. The active ingredient is similar to the body’s own adrenaline and is chemically related to the amphetamine group. Ephedrine is originally a herbal remedy, but today it is also produced synthetically. It usually has an appetite-suppressing and fat-burning effect. Ephedrine is already found in Chinese medicine and was prescribed there against asthma and colds. In Germany, it is one of the most controlled substances, as there was and is a great potential for abuse in sports. Many drugs that had ephedrine as an ingredient require a prescription or are no longer available on the market at all.

If you want to lose weight with the fat burner ephedrine, be sure to follow the dosage instructions given in the package information.


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