Ephedrin Arsan

If you wanted to buy Ephedrin Arsan, we would like to present you some good alternatives. The original drug from the Turkish pharmaceutical company Husnu Arsan Ilaclari AS is no longer produced, but there are many similar preparations from other manufacturers.



What you should know if you wanted to purchase Ephedrin Arsan

Until the early years of the 21st century, you could buy ephedrine without a prescription in any pharmacy in Germany and many other European countries. At some point, that changed. First, it was decided that the drug would only be available by prescription. Then the corresponding products were taken off the market altogether. At that time, there were many regular ephedrine users. Some of them then bought their drug on the black market.

One of the most popular alternatives turned out to be Ephedrine Arsan, manufactured by a Turkish pharmaceutical company. With 50 mg of ephedrine per tablet, it was nominally the highest-dosed product. However, there were doubts as to whether this active ingredient content was actually achieved. Some bodybuilders reported that the Arsan tablets had a weaker effect than comparable other products. At some point, Arsan ceased production of the drug without comment. Today, there are many other manufacturers that offer comparable products with ephedrine as an ingredient.

Similar drugs

If you wanted to buy Ephedrin Arsan, you can order many other medications with the active ingredient ephedrine from us as an alternative by simply clicking on “Buy Ephedrine“. If you are looking for a means of weight control, you can, for example, request Xenical without a prescription, order Benzphetamine or buy Qsymia. People who are interested in Ephedrine for athletic reasons often also want to buy Testoserone or order Dianabol.


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