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If you wanted to buy Efedrin brand tablets, we would like to present you some good alternatives. The original drug from the Turkish pharmaceutical company Husnu Arsan Ilaclari AS is no longer produced, but there are many similar preparations from other manufacturers.



What you should know if you wanted to buy Efedrin

Efedrin Arsan was the brand name for the most famous ephedrine-containing drug from Turkey. The producer was the pharmaceutical company Husnu Arsan. One pack of Efedrin Arsan contained 20 tablets with 50 mg of ephedrine HCL each. The package usually cost no more than 1 euro in Turkish pharmacies, although in tourist strongholds you sometimes had to put up to 5 euros on the table for a package.

Although this drug was subject to prescription, Turkish pharmacists, according to anecdotal evidence, often mistook a lira bill for a prescription, so buying this drug was usually not too much of a challenge. On the black market, a tablet of Efedrin Arsan cost between 50 cents and 2 euros, depending on the dealer and current availability.

However, Efedrin Arsan did not have too good a reputation in the bodybuilding community, as it was suspected that this drug was underdosed. The manufacturer Hushnu Arsan was well aware that most of its production ended up on the illicit market, which is why he apparently wasn’t too particular about the dosage. Whether this was true or not could never be confirmed by analysis. However, it was agreed that other 50 mg ephedrine HCL tablets were more potent than Efedrin Arsan.

The production of Efedrin Arsan was stopped some time ago. There has been no official explanation.


Similar drugs

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