Anabolic Steroids

Buy anabolic steroids without prescription: Anabolic agents are available as injections or tablets. The products that are most used by athletes, you can order from us without a prescription. You choose, we deliver! We have both oral steroids and those that need to be injected. Here is the right one for everyone.


Anabolic Steroids Oral Route

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Anabolic Sterioids Injectable

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Post Cycle Therapy

If you use steroids in sports, you may need to use other medications to stop. If you don’t, there can be problems. Above all, the production of the body’s own hormones must be reactivated. In most cases, it is quite sufficient to take clomiphene for this purpose. If you wish, you can buy clomiphene from us without a prescription. If you are looking for such products, you will find a good selection here:


Anabolic Steroids: Basic Facts

Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of the male sex hormone testosterone. They were developed during World War II and were originally used to help debilitated and malnourished prisoners of war recover better. They were also used for their protein-building effect in consumptive diseases and muscular atrophy, and as an anemia remedy. Very soon they also found application in sports, where they were administered to healthy athletes as illicit doping to enhance performance. In medicine, anabolic steroids are still used today in cases of testicular insufficiency (lack of formation of endogenous testosterone), growth disorders or physical weakness (e.g. elderly people). In general, they belong to the group of anabolic steroids; the most important representatives are dehydrochlormethyltestosterone, nandrolone, metandienone, stanozolol, furazabol and metenolone.


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