Liquid GHB

When you buy liquid GHB, you get is a colorless, salty-tasting substance that is closely related to the human neurotransmitter GABA. In medicine, it is used as a narcotic or to treat narcolepsy. Whether it is stimulant or sedative depends on the dose. Some people want to buy liquid GHB to use as a party drug (liquid ecstasy). Others use it as a date rape drug, but this is a criminal offense and we strongly advise against it.



What you should know when you get liquid GHB

When you purchase liquid GHB, you have chosen a quality product.

Liquid GHB is a versatile medical substance. It is also used as a party drug. Scene names include liquid ecstasy, although it has no chemical relationship to MDMA, which is usually sold as ecstasy. This name is now also commonly used for the precursor substance GBL.

Liquid GHB was legally available to everyone until it was banned – in Germany from 2002. Since then, drugs with this ingredient have been treated like strong painkillers or opioids. Very often, since the ban of GHB, GBL or also BDO is consumed as a substitute. Both substances are directly metabolized in the body to GHB and therefore develop almost the same effect – moreover, they are partly legally available. Both GBL and BDO ultimately have the same effect as GHB, but the dosage must be significantly lower (GBL by a factor of 0.5).

You should only buy liquid GHB if you are going to use it for legitimate purposes.


Alternative drugs

With us, you can not only buy liquid GHB. You may just as easily order liquid GHB, for example. If you buy such a substance, please remember that you may use it only on yourself, not on other people who do not know about it. We clearly point this out, because often customers do not realize that they are buying a product that is also a notorious date rape drug.



Warning: people who buy Liquid Ecstasy in order to administer it as a date rape drug to other people without their consent are liable to prosecution.

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