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You can buy ECA stacks without prescription in our store. The active ingredient ephedrine (or ephedra) is contained in them in combination with caffeine and ASS. You can buy the best of these ECA stacks here, without a prescription and at a fair price.



What you should know when you buy ECA stacks

If you want to buy an ECA stack, you’ve come to the right place.

ECA stack is a term used in particular in connection with doping and bodybuilding. It is derived from the acronym ECA for the active ingredients ephedrine (or ephedra), caffeine and acetylsalicylic acid. The combination of these active ingredients is believed to have fat-burning, thermogenic, and stimulant effects. In controlled studies, a statistically significant weight-reducing effect has been found in overweight individuals. The combination of ephedrine and caffeine in particular can cause palpitations, sleep problems, restlessness, and a dry mouth even at low doses. In higher doses, cardiac arrhythmias, blood pressure increases, appetite and insomnia, as well as heavy sweating and increased nervousness may occur, rarely delusions.

With long-term use, habituation (development of tolerance) is to be expected, so that the same effects only occur after increasingly higher doses. In addition, persistent weakness and dejection as well as sleep disturbances may occur. Behavioral changes and psychological disorders such as persecutory delusions may develop with long-term use. In older studies, no significant side effects were noted within studies of short duration of therapy. In more recent studies, however, quite significant side effects emerged. They consisted of significant increases in blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, insulin, free fatty acids, and lactate.

If you buy an ECA stack, be sure to use a reasonable dosage.

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