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If you want to buy benzphetamine in Europe, you either need contacts in the USA or order it from our online store. With benzphetamine you buy an amphetamine that is used to suppress appetite. It can help with weight loss by reducing the sensation of being hungry and making you feel fuller for longer. The best-known product containing this active ingredient is on the market in the USA under the brand name Didrex. There is now also a whole range of equivalent generic products.


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Caution: do not use during pregnancy!


What is essential when I want to buy benzphetamine?

When you buy benzphetamine, you should know the risks and side effects.

Benzphetamine is a moderate central nervous system stimulant drug with anorexigenic properties. Benzphetamine is usually indicated as a pharmacological adjuvant (associated with a hypocaloric diet) for the short-term treatment (8 to 12 weeks) of exogenous obesity. Isolated uses of this drug in ADHD treatment have been reported. It is not approved for medical use in Europe.

Benzphetamine is a phenethylamine closely related to amphetamine. In several Hispanic countries it is used as a generic monodrug, included in prescription formulations for weight reduction. It is a controlled substance under the 1971 International Convention on Psychotropic Substances.

Buy benzphetamine only if there is a medical reason for it.


Alternative weight loss medications

If you do not want to buy benzphetamine because it is not suitable for you, you can also buy phentermine from us for weight loss, which has a very similar mechanism of action. In addition, here you can buy Xenical, which is recommended by many doctors for the prevention and treatment of obesity:

If you want to see other preparations that can be bought for weight loss as an alternative, click, for example, on “Mysimba without prescription” or “Buy ephedrine“.

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