You can buy EPO in our shop without prescription and at a reasonable price. We offer this blood doping drug only from the best manufacturer. It is suitable for increasing performance in athletics (running, cycling) over short distances. Some athletes combine it with a stimulant such as ephedrine, strength athletes sometimes also with testosterone or other anabolic steroids.



What you should know when you buy EPO

When you buy EPO, you have chosen a quality product.

Blood doping and EPO doping are quite separate developments in the history of doping. Actual blood doping (transfusion of one’s own or other people’s blood with increased red blood cells) has been known since the Olympic victories of the Finnish long-distance runner Lasse Viren (1972). EPO (erythropoietin) is an artificially produced substance to increase the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes) and thus the blood’s ability to absorb oxygen. With both methods, detection is difficult.

It has been possible to produce EPO synthetically since 1983. At that time, scientists succeeded in cloning the human erythropoietin gene for the first time. An increase in the number of red blood cells through EPO intake improves the oxygen absorption capacity of the blood and ultimately leads to an increase in endurance. This is the reason why EPO is used today as a doping agent in endurance sports, namely to increase endurance performance. An increase in blood volume or a higher haemoglobin concentration are closely related to maximum oxygen uptake.

You should only buy EPO if there are no medical contraindications.


Similar drugs

If you buy EPO, you have chosen a good preparation for building haemoglobin, which is also used in competitive sport. If you want to buy EPO, you can do so with us without any problems. Apart from this preparation, you can also order a number of other medicines from us, for example various anabolic steroids. To see them all, click on the link at the bottom.


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