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What you should know when you order testosterone

When you order testosterone, you have chosen a quality product.

A testosterone deficiency can lead to erectile dysfunction and osteoporosis, among other things. If the natural production of testosterone is not sufficient, a long-term therapy with externally supplied substitutes can be carried out. Some bodybuilders as well as endurance athletes use testosterone as a doping agent to accelerate their muscle build-up or to overcome the natural performance limit. However, there is a risk of using an excessive dose, which can lead to serious, possibly permanent urological problems. Synthetic testosterones in the form of short-chain (propionate), medium-chain (enanthate/cypionate) and long-chain esters (undecanoate, buciclate) are commonly used. With these products, there is a risk of incorrect dosages and liver damage, among other things.

You should only order testosterone if you have the possibility to have its use medically monitored.


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