Strattera Without Prescription

You can get Strattera without prescription in our store. We offer you exactly the same product that can be found in pharmacies. It must be for personal use only.


What you should know when you purchase Strattera without prescription

When you order Strattera without prescription, you have chosen a quality product.

The drug Strattera is taken in the form of hard capsules. With a half-life of just under four hours and a resulting duration of action of about six to eight hours, taking the product in the morning is a suitable recommendation. It should always be taken at around the same time of day and can be taken before, after or during breakfast. For some patients, however, it has proven effective to divide the daily dose into two individual doses and to take the first dose at breakfast, but the second dose in the early afternoon. In this way, patients are able to concentrate throughout the day at school and work and are more relaxed.

You should only order Strattera without prescription if there is a medical reason for doing so.


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